The OMWBE Academy was developed to help certified businesses navigate the complex world of government contracting. Courses focus on common barriers businesses face in the capacity building and bidding process.

The OMWBE Academy presents step by step learning modules to support real world results that benefit certified firms.

Learning Modules include topics such a bonding, indirect rates, and understanding the bidding process.

What is Certification?

The Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) certifies small businesses owned and controlled by minority, women, and socially and economically disadvantaged persons. OMWBE certifies business in order to increase contracting opportunities for certified businesses with state and local governments.

Federal Certification

Federal Certification is a program of the US Department of Transportation. The purpose of these certifications to increase the participation of certified business on projects funded by the US Department of Transportation and other federal sectors. Projects typically include heavy construction, such as building and designing roads, bridges, railroads, ports, and airports. 

State Certification

State Certification is a program of the State of Washington. The purpose is to enhance business opportunities for certified businesses participating in state-funded projects or working with state agencies, local governments, school districts, and public universities. Projects include any work or product state agencies, or other entities, wish to buy from private companies. This includes a wide variety of different types of businesses, such as construction, consulting, training, translation services, supplies and equipment, and many other industries and services.

How Do I Apply for Certification?

This link will take you to the OMWBE certification portal. There you can create an account for your business and submit an application.